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June 4, 2008

My blog manifesto

How exactly do you start a blog? Obviously no one is going to be out there reading this any time soon. But let’s assume that someday I have loyal readers. Those lovely people might want to know what made me decide to start blogging in the first place. So that’s what I’m going to do with this first post. Introduce and explain myself. So here goes…

I became a librarian almost exactly three years ago, May 2005. But until a few months ago I wasn’t really sure I had made the right decision. Here I was, 30 years old, and despite an advanced career-track degree, I still didn’t really know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I should explain – I’ve always been indecisive. About nearly everything, but especially everything important. I changed my major at least 6 times (undeclared to music to business to music to English to music to English). Then I got out of school and said, “what the heck am I going to do with this English degree?! I’d been working at Space Camp during the summers, so I just took a semi-permanent position there and hovered between college and grown-up-land for a couple of years. They were great years, don’t get me wrong. It’s a really fun place to work and it helped me save the money for a month in Europe. I wouldn’t trade those years for anything. But after awhile it was time to move on and grow up. So I spent about a year driving my parents crazy with my indecision about what to study in graduate school and then, inexplicably, ended up at the University of Texas iSchool. Maybe not completely inexplicably, my uncle was a librarian and then opened a used book store and there were always books in my house, and usually in my hands. But I honestly can’t remember how I ultimately came to the decision.

But making that decision didn’t stop the indecision, because then I changed my focus from rare books to archives to children’s and teen services. Fast forward three years and I am finally completely happy and at peace with my decision to become a librarian. Why? Because about three months ago I became the Electronic Resources Librarian for a 2-year college in South Carolina – a far cry from rare books, but it just seems to fit.

So that’s my professional history (minus a slew of jobs between grad school and the present). Now, and I’ll try to keep this part short and sweet, I’ll explain what brought me to blogging.

I’ve been reading library blogs for about two and a half years now. But before my recent epiphany (see above), I really didn’t put much thought into what I was reading. Now, though, when I read Information Wants to Be Free, or The Shifted Librarian, or Attempting Elegance (or any of the other dozen or so blogs I read), I find myself wanting to join in the discussions, wanting to start my own discussions, wishing I knew Meredith and Jenny and Jenica and that they knew me, not because I want to be “known” but because they are cool people who share the same ideology as me. So that is why I started this blog. To become a part of the community. Because I can only do so much by myself, but as a group, we could change the world.