My Head is Exploding!

OK, so maybe not really. But I do have a lot of ideas floating around up in the ol’ noggin these days. I alluded a couple of posts ago to my “next big project.” Our college uses WebCT, but our library has never really gotten in on it. So I was thinking about ways we could utilize it, since it’s already there and the students are already using it. It’ll be a big project, since at this point I know absolutely nothing about WebCT. But I’d like to see us do an online tutorial of library skills with a scored quiz at the end. Right now we do classes, some for extra credit and some at the request of the professor. But we don’t get nearly as many requests as we’d like because professors don’t want to give up an entire class session to bring their students to the library. But if we could start out with a general library skills tutorial and convince professors to make it a small required part of their class’s grade, then we could work from that starting point to create specialized tutorials for different subjects. We’d still offer in-person instruction, of course, but for those professors who don’t want to give us the time, this would be an alternative solution that would still get those students using the library.

Of course, I haven’t even proposed this to my boss yet. I’ve still got those citations waiting to be put online, website changes to make (when all involved staff have a free moment to work on it), and any number of other little projects to get out of the way. So this may have to wait until a few things are settled and out of the way first. Still, I’m pretty excited about it.

Next post…what if the library was the place to go?


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