Hello (again) World!

I’ve tried this blogging thing a couple of times in the past with little success. Lately, though, I’m finding myself frequently thinking “if I had a blog, I’d blog about that!” So I’m back. Maybe this time it’ll stick.

Primarily, I want this blog to be a chronicle of my attempt at a career shift. I currently work in a public service position in a library, but in the last five years I’ve become more and more interested in digital libraries, digital preservation issues, metadata, and the semantic web. With no money to go back to school, I’m left floundering in the sea we know as “too much information.” I don’t really know where to begin my new self-education, but I’m determined to figure it out. I’ve found a few syllabi, RSS’ed some blogs, and ordered a couple of introductory textbooks via interlibrary loan. I’m also trying to figure out which professional organizations would be most useful for someone who with little concrete knowledge and limited funds, but with lots of enthusiasm, so if anyone has any suggestions, I’d love to hear them!

From time to time I’ll probably blog about what’s going on in my current public service existence as well. And as I update and get a hold on my e-life, I’ll blog about that too. I’m excited about this! Maybe someday I’ll have readers who will be excited for me too!


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